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ABOUT : AJ Delivery Solutions

T/A AJ Courier Solutions

High level management has over 25 years Customer service experience and 20 Years Specialised Same day Courier market experience.

Due to the companies budget the job market is getting dimmed. AJ Courier Solutions was made as a budgeted contractor to maintain the companies budget with low cost efficient prices and to increase the job market. As the prices are low companies will be willing to post more & more jobs, thus AJ Courier Solutions can allocate them all and keep every one Happy in this market.

It opened wings to:

AJ Courier Solutions the low cost efficient prices to deliver the best of services.

AJ Courier Solutions is a small carrier logistics services company established as AJ Delivery Solutions. We offer a wide array of express & same day courier support solutions to our various customers.

With our skilled personnel, we have excellent competencies in striving sectors such as Financial Services, Aviation, Medical, Manufacturing, Telecommunications, Government & Educational Agencies, and Oil & Gas/Utilities. As a diverse end-to-end small carrier logistics solutions provider, we offer a range of expertise aimed at helping customers re-engineer and re-invent their businesses to compete successfully in an ever-changing marketplace, with the final objective of safely and promptly delivering all our customers consignments as expected.


To be the Number One Indigenous Dependable Courier Service Provider.


To help our customers achieve their goals with integrity, seamless delivery approach, quality assistance, on-time delivery and exceptional customer service through phone calls, chats, email, and physical presence.


· Forward thinking

WHY CHOOSE AJ Courier Solutions?
The main reason we are in business is to serve YOU and we can't do anything or go extra mile without you at the receiving end.

Majority of the logistic and courier service firm set off just to start another money making venture and thus create more problems but AJ Courier Solutions Same day Courier Services set off to solve two main problem in the industry, which are disappointment and bad customer services.

Our ZERO DISAPPOINTMENT is riding on our promise to deliver all our customers consignments as expected in accordance with our terms and condition.

With our experience and comprehensive wide range of Same day courier services, we will help you to work smarter and reach your goals at an affordable cost.

Despite the quality of our service, we offer extremely cheap and affordable prices for your Same day courier services. When you need a reliable courier service company you can trust, choose AJ Courier Solutions. You’ve seen the rest, now partner with the best and enjoy the best of service in the Same day courier service!


· To provide consistent service in an environment where this is difficult to execute.

· To manage the customer's every need with expertise, punctuality and professionalism.