Terms And Condition


In these terms, the words or phrases below have the following meanings:

You, your – who asks us to provide a delivery service, including any employee, agent or subcontractor acting on your behalf.

We, our, us – AJ Courier Solutions

Consignment – any item or items we carry for you from one address to another, including any packaging.

Dangerous goods – Anything that you may ask us to carry that may put people at risk. This includes but is not restricted to explosives, radioactive material, and items requiring specialist treatment or handling during transportation.

Proof of delivery – A signature from the recipient to prove the consignment has been received.


This privacy policy is subject to change from time to time. When we make any form of change to this terms and conditions, you will be notified in any of the following ways if such changes occur:

(i) By sending you an e-mail message to the e-mail address you recently provided to us,

(ii) By sending a PUSH notification or in-an app notification

(iii) By prominently publishing a notice of changes to the Website

(iv) By requiring you to tick the box indicating your agreement to the updated terms.

The continued use of any of the websites or services following any applicable notice of such material changes shall indicate your confirmation of such changes and agreement to be bound by the terms and conditions of such changes.

We may also post additional policies or privacy statements that relate to certain parts of the websites or services, and your access to and use of such websites or services is considered your approval and consent to those additional privacy policies or reports.


How AJ Courier Solutions uses your information

We usually use your information to:

1. Facilitate the creation of and securing your user account;

2. Define you as a user in our system;

3. Providing, customizing and improving the services;

4. Provide feedback and user base demographics of third parties listed on websites or services;

5. To communicate with you about your use of the services for your benefit;

6. Development of new products and services,

7. Tracking the use of websites and services;

8. Personalize the ad you view and recommend content;

9. Backup Our systems and enable emergency recovery;

10. Fulfilment of your inquiries and providing customer support;

11. Send newsletters, surveys, offers and promotional materials related to the services and your user preferences and behaviours, as well as for other marketing purposes of the AJ Courier Solutions using your contact information;

12. Defend, investigate, prevent and potentially take action against possible fraudulent, unauthorised or unlawful activities;

13. To respond to claims that the content of the website is inauthentic, false or otherwise violates the rights of third parties;

14. Respond to your enquiries for customer service;

15. Protect our rights and the rights of other users;

16. Enforce terms of use, privacy policy, and any other policies governing your access to or use of websites or services


These are the terms under which we trade with you and they override any previous agreement between us. They cannot be changed or varied unless one of our directors agreed in writing. These terms will also override any terms or conditions you may seek to impose on your suppliers from time to time.

We are not a common carrier, and reserve the right at our absolute discretion to:

· Subcontract any part or parts of a delivery by employing the services of any other person, firm, or company who shall also have the power to subcontract.

· Refuse to accept any consignment or part thereof for delivery.

· Refuse to accept dangerous goods for delivery.

When you ask us to make a delivery on your behalf, you will be deemed to have accepted these terms.

our liability to you is limited, and explained in detail below. These terms are intended to be reasonable to both of us, and if any part of them should prove to be unenforceable or void at law, then it will not affect the rest.

If, for any reason, either of us chooses not to exercise the rights contained in these terms, then that will not be regarded as a waiver of those rights for the future.

Please take note of the following general terms and conditions as applicable to this agreement:

1. We are providing you with the third party sub contracted courier drivers within our contacts. Please do not abuse or use bad language. This applies to the third party sub contracted courier drivers as well.

2. AJ Courier Solutions will not be involved in any such acts as stated in point 1 & We will not tolerate verbal & physical abuse.

3. Please do not share or provide your personal or contract details regarding the contract or regarding AJ Courier Solutions with the third party sub contracted courier drivers.

4. All details must be entered correctly on the job posting form

5. Full Address with postcode must be entered correctly

6. Date & time must be entered correctly

7. Type of van and type of freight must be entered correctly

8. Use the special requirements and special instructions for any special notes and instructions you want to provide us. Example: take pictures of the goods, straps needed, hand ball needed etc.

9. Please accept our Terms and Conditions (T&C) to post the job

10. If a wrong address is provided and the courier is sent t that address a minimum charge will be applied depending on the third party provider which will discussed and agreed with you.

11. If a wrong van is booked a minimum charge of £40 will be applied for call out of the courier and the cancellation. And a new booking has to be made with the correct details

12. Correct freight type must be chosen d for health & safety of the driver, competence of the driver, maximum load of the vehicle, goods safety and security, insurances purposes and for peace of mind and good work ethic cooperation. If wrong freight type is declared point 7 applies only if the driver still wants to transport the goods with the agreed charge or if not point 8 applies.

13. Waiting time will be charged at £0.50 per 1 minute after the first 15 minutes near the collection point. 15 minutes is the maximum free waiting time provided.

14. Waiting time will be charged at £0.50 per 1 minute after the first 15 minutes near the Delivery point. 15 minutes is the maximum free waiting time provided.

15. All the extra payments can be paid securely with the secure link sent to you via email.

16. Up to reasonable weights which can be lifted by an individual can be manually handled from loading area of the collection address to the loading area of the delivery address. The driver should not be forced and manipulated in anyway to carry or lift any type of weights that he or she might not be able to lift or carry.

17. If there is a lot of Manual Handling involved, the driver will inform us with the requirements and which will be then discussed with all the parties involved and agreed with a suitable price

18. We delivery at the door/entrance/loading area only, we do not deliver inside-homes or houses/Inside-offices/Inside-private buildings/Inside-warehouses etc, due to our drivers liabilities or Insurances reasons.

19. We do not accept Jobs like whole or complete house/home/flat/office/warehouse/office-unit/warehouse-units moves.

20. Vat charged at 20%

21. Our booking fees is lowest in the whole courier Market. We Won't Be Beaten On Price. Get Quotes In seconds. Get Courier For Less. Services: Flexible Pick Up Dates, Specific Pick Up Dates, Morning Collection, Afternoon Collection.

22. Minimum mileage fees applied as per the quote generated with the combination of van required per mile with the freight type added.

23. We will choose the best, quick, fastest possible route generated by google for the best quote. Please feel free if you think that your miles shown or generated is wrong so we can manually quote and agree for a price.

24. Some destinations for collections and delivery are not so likely, profitable, willing and interest for the drivers.

23.a. In this case we will be searching for the drivers till we find a suitable one.

23.b. If we do not find a driver we might have to do two things:

I. Increase the price after agreeing with you or

II. cancel the job, as no driver is booked and called out there will be no charge applicable

25. When the job is cancelled before the driver is booked and called out, as no driver is booked and called out there will be no charge applicable. This is applicable only within 5 minutes after the job is posted. As we aim to send the driver as soon as possible and we aim to collect with in 1 hour. Please be very quick to contact us as soon as possible if you booked with wrong details or if you want to cancel the job. After the first 5minutes minimum charges of cancellation applies.

26. IMPORTANT - Chemicals, Sharpe objects, High ADR, Cash, Highly Expensive Goods & Jewellery, Highly Security related Goods, Explosives, Fire arms, Fuel in high quantity, Flammables, Illegal goods and such more goods should be declared, and even when declared we will NOT be able to help you with our service and will not be able to provide our service.


We may refuse to accept a consignment for delivery, or any part of it. We may also inspect a consignment if we believe that these terms may have been breached (for example, to check for dangerous goods). We can use any method or route to deliver your consignment, including using subcontractors or agents. Your rights will not be affected where subcontractors are used by us. No subcontractor or agent shall be under any greater liability to you than we are, and we enter into this agreement with you on the basis that they are entitled to the limits of liability contained in these terms.

We will use our reasonable endeavours to deliver your consignment within the time you request, but unless we expressly agree in writing before accepting your consignment for delivery, we will not be liable for any loss or expenses you may suffer if the consignment is not delivered on time. We will take all reasonable steps to obtain a proof of delivery at the time of delivery, and that proof of delivery will be conclusive evidence that the consignment was delivered complete and in good order, unless the consignee marks otherwise at the time of delivery.

We will not be liable for any loss or miss-delivery where delivery has been made in good faith to a person claiming to be the consignee, or an employee, subcontractor or agent of the consignee. If you require a proof of delivery after delivery has been made, then we will endeavour to provide this to you, providing your request is made within 14 days from the date of dispatch. Requests made later than this will be dealt with at our absolute discretion. Settlement of our charges will not be conditional upon you receiving proofs of delivery, irrespective of when any request was made to us.

We will retain original hard copy proofs of delivery obtained by us and any other associated documentation relating to deliveries for a minimum period of six months from the date of collection. After that we may destroy these items without any reference or obligation to you.

We will make one attempt to deliver your consignment but if we cannot do so, we will have the option to either make a second attempt or deliver to an alternative address provided by you, or return the consignment to you. Either of these alternatives will be at your cost, but we will contact you first to agree the best option. If we still cannot deliver your consignment, we will contact you for further instructions.

If the consignment still cannot be delivered, we will give you 10 days’ notice that we intend to sell or dispose of the consignment. Any proceeds of sale (net of expenses) or costs of disposal will be applied to your account with us.

We may keep hold of your consignments until you have paid any amounts you owe us, even though these amounts may not relate to the items held. We may then sell the items held, but only after we’ve given you 14 days’ notice in writing. Any proceeds (net of expenses) will be applied to your account with us.

Where we are required to sign to acknowledge collection of your consignment, then that signature will not be regarded as evidence of the condition of the goods. If we are kept waiting or loading longer than 30 minutes at either the collection address or the delivery address, we may charge you an additional amount, this being our standard hourly rate of the vehicle in question.

We will not be liable for any consequential reclaim for loss or damage suffered by you or any third party. Our liability is strictly limited to the cost of replacement of, or repair to, the goods sent in the consignment, subject to limits and conditions given below. All claims need to be made to us in writing within three working days of the delivery date. Claims received later will be deemed invalid we will not be liable for any loss or damage to the consignment, or any delay or miss‐delivery if the cause was any of the following: war, terrorism, riot, strike, lock out, or any similar action, natural disasters (e.g. floods), poor or extreme weather conditions, the consignment being seized or detained by any public authority, incorrect or insufficient address given on the consignment, consignment note, or manifest. This includes:

· Any omission or ambiguity of information provided by you.

· Incorrect or insufficient packaging or labelling of the consignment.

· Natural wastage, ordinary leakage, shortage in weight or evaporation of a perishable or fragile consignment.

· Vermin, wear and tear or gradual depreciation

· Inherent vice

· Traffic congestion or delay.

· Any other event reasonably beyond our control.

Our Goods in transit policy does not cover the items bullet-ed below:

· Tobacco, cigars and cigarettes

· Perfumes and scents

· Art and sculptures

· Currency cash and the like, specie, bank notes, stamps, negotiable instruments

· Hazardous Freight

· Livestock, animal parts, tissue, organs

· Human Body Parts, tissue

· Jewellery, precious metals, precious stones

· Personal Effects

· Non Ferrous Metals in Raw Scrap Bar ingot or similar form

· The transportation of people

· Furs or skins

· Securities or explosives

If you are moving these goods, please ensure you have your own company insurance policies in place. Also, if you are moving high value items, such as those listed below, our limited liability applies:

· Mobile Phones, tablets, Laptops and the like

· Computer Software, Hardware and general equipment

· Audio Visual Equipment

· Household/Office Furniture as part of a removal or house move (brand new items are covered.

· Branded clothing and footwear

· Photographic equipment and accessories.

General Packaging Advice

At AJ Courier Solutions Same Day Dispatch Services we're committed to making your delivery with utmost speed and care. However, during its journey your package may be handled several times, so it's important to make sure that it's properly packed. Follow the tips below to help ensure that it arrives in perfect condition.*

First, please note that your package must be at least the size of an A4 envelope to be eligible for handling by Same Day Dispatch Services.

Second, always use high quality materials for your package. Consider strength, cushioning, and durability.

Vehicle Types

Small Van (SV)

·Max Load capacity 400 to 500kg

·Height 1,050mm

·Length 1,550mm

·Width 1,200mm

·Carries 1xStandard size Pallet

Midi Van (SWB)

·Max Load capacity 500kg to900kg

·Height 1,300mm

·Length 2,200mm

·Width 1,600mm

·Carries 2 x Standard size Pallets

Large Van (LWB)

·Max Load capacity 1,300kg – 1,400kg

·Height 1,700mm

·Length 3,200mm – 3,600mm

·Width 1,600mm

·Carries 3 x Standard size Pallets

Extra Large Van (XLWB)

·Max Load 1200kg

·Height 1830mm

·Length 4200

·Width 1600mm

·Carries 4 x Standard size Pallet


Cancellations : At AJ Courier Solutions we will only charge our customers for what we facilitate for them, so if you place a booking with us and it is cancelled before we have released a driver, there will be no charge. We will only charge our customers a cancellation fee for work that has been started; this fee will be agreed with you at the time of the cancellation. If the original booking varies during the course of the delivery, the amount we charge you will also only be what we have agreed between us collectively, at the time of the change.

Refunds : If you are paying in advance for your work with a credit/debit card, any overpayment made to us will be refunded back to the original card used, within five working days. All transactions paid for by credit and debit card must be accompanied by an email from you (the customer), detailing how much you agree to be charged

Pricing : Each job is individually priced at the time of booking, the cost will vary depending on the mileage undertaken, Waiting time, Toll charges if applicable and rest of the factors depending on the Job.